Our Container House Design is done and here it is!!

We've spent countless hours designing our home in a CAD based software called Chief Architect and while we have some smaller things still to add; OUR house design is finished!

We love the view on our new land; we just had to open up the view with all of those picture windows. And the Clerestory was without a question going to provide a lot of natural light from dusk until dawn. It's also great to have the windows open in the summer time to allow a nice cross breeze to enter the home from above to allow for comfortable evenings. Sleeping at night should also be enjoyable without the use of constant air conditioning.

On another note- Tomorrow 2/25/2020 our Perc Test is scheduled on the land and we plan to build our first video later this week to include a ton of new footage.. so stay tuned and check out our channel to follow us on this amazing journey!


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